Mohammed M. ElNaggar | Graphic/Web Designer

Designer Marketer, Graphic/Web Designer, 3D Designer
2013- Present
Packriot Development Ltd

I needed to focus on my career as a “Graphic/Web Designer”, untill I became one of “Packriot Development Ltd” team. which gave me the opportunity to do so Packriot is a company that works in marketing & graphic field. I got to work on different graphic related projects, websites and mobiles. I got the chance to do maintenance on the company websites, as well designing websites for customers upon their request. I was introduced to creating 3D designs, so I got to learn new programs like “Dialux EVO” & “3D MAX”

Montage, Graphic/Web Designer

When I found the ability to control and work with all this softwares at one time, I took the decision to join the media field & there they asked me to create websites with amazing designs as well as edit videos and designing posters and banners for artists. I was introduced to audio softwares, such as “CUBASS & Pro Tools Softwares”.

Graphic/Web Designer

My first major job as a designer was when I finished my undergraduate with a few friends, We tried to build our own business, so we decided to establish “Griffinix” to be our first station to lead us to this career path. Griffinix was created for advertising and printng solutions; therefore it worked on adding to my skills by giving me the chance to learn new design softwares.

Casher, Director
Tazabek Resturant

After i spent 4 years on the software maintenance I saw that I needed to improve my skills in other fields, so I decided to join tazabek resturant family as a “cashier” in the beginning until I became a director. By doing so, I gained a lot of experience on how I had to deal with people in different situations.

Computer Software Maintenance

My first career when I was at school, dealt with more then one job at a time, I was put in different situations where my responsibilities were incredibly high, and learned vast amount of lessons about computer software maintenance at this position.

Mohammed Magdi ElNaggar
Graphic/Web Designer | Designer Marketer

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